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Optimum packaging design that takes into account up to the end-use environment of parts
At any time the pressure test of the paste container, we will demonstrate.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
Paste Container
This plastic container is used to ship and transport various types of conductive paste, photoresist solution, ink, and liquid. All products are of airtight construction passing IATA's pressure test and drop resistance test with consideration of air shipments.Depending on the requirement of each customer, the container can be manufactured in any size, color, and shape with appropriate material.

Carrier Tape Sheets for Electronic Parts and Electronic Devices
The carrier tape sheet is a polystyrene (PS) sheet developed, from which carrier tape is made. Standard-grade and anti-static-grade sheets are available. Sheets can be slit into a basic width or necessary slit width before delivery. Furthermore, we comply with customers' request to slit their sheets on hand.

Plastic Core
Injection-molded Plastic Core
The injection-molded plastic core was developed to wind color tape sheets from which high dimensional precision is required. Various sizes are available to cover a broad range of requests and products in a variety of colors ensure ease of distinction.
Feel free to contact for customized sizes.

Carrier Reel
We developed the industry's first carrier reels made of plastic to be used for automatic mounting parts, and have been contributing to the dissemination of the same as the industry's standard carrier reels. Besides, we continue offering and supplying a wide-range product lineup of reels supporting all purposes.
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